Lessons after 30

Having reached 30 years of living, I’ve hit a benchmark that serves as the point in life where the realization of the finiteness of time comes to rule your perception of reality. In ways, one has to contend with that fact along many fronts, forcing an individual to approach various facets of their life, as if they were a director, seeing the whole of what life has come to represent for theirselves and directing it into a direction that is filled with data gathered from the years previous.

It is natural to compare your situation at this point in your life with various outcomes of what could have happened. Such behavior is often perpetuated by social media outlets where your peers post about their milestones achievements. New house, engagement, wedding in Europe. All of it for the plain eye to see. For me, the comparison begins internally I ask myself the following question. What is it that you value as a person, that transcends convenience and perhaps triviality to become true beliefs of what you hold to be sacred in this world. Values have been central to human existence since the beginning of any effort that we used to communicate. It’s allowed us to collectively achieve something that is greater for the whole of the group rather than the individual. The way that I’ve come to view my life in it’s totality has been marked by my guiding principles that is comprised the following values: Truth, Love, Creativity, Focus, Endurance.

Truth is deceptively simple. To describe what it is I mean by ‘Truth’ is difficult but, in an effort to formalize the context upon which I am providing this I will provide the following basis for my definition. Truth is a complete submission to the situation. Truth is the premise upon which virtuosity can build as it delimits your creative potential. A laser sharp focus on the totality of the objective and the outcome with a healthy does of belief that you left out a large degree of expectation to allow for the enjoyment of natural flow, full of spontaneity and organic growth..

Love for yourself and the world.

Creativity to navigate life and finding ways to extend the enjoyment that come in living. Spontaneity and serendipity are two main ingredients when talking about action items that lead to creative fulfillment

Focus on the goal at hand which being full immersed in the moment with the intensity of the passion that you hold towards it.

Endurance, the meditative aspect of resilience that keeps the engine going for years and seeks to strengthen the core incrementally over time.

Those are 5 words that I keep written to myself so that I can reinforce these concepts on a spiritual level.

The fact that I was able to spend my birthday with a group of people who intentionally wanted to spend it with me felt fulfilling. I have a constant fear that, pehaps I am a social unacceptable person and I battle with the idea that, at my core, I am. And that is okay. The difference is that I show up to my reality in a way that keeps me motivated. Perhaps it is fitting that I have a Leo zodiac sign. Well, that means little because more specifically, I am on the cusp of Leo/Virgo and in some calendars, I am actually Virgo. So, essentially a paradox depending now which side of the world I live on. However, doesn’t that extend beyond my simple analogy and isn’t the entirety of our existence built on this fundamental paradox. I’ll do my best and I have been doing my best.

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